A home for every child. A community for every carer.


Every child in a healthy family.
Every family in healthy community.

The Homeward Project is a movement of ordinary Australians committed to seeing better outcomes for kids and families who have an experience of the child protection system.

Everyone has a part to play to ensure that every child experiences the welcome, stability and care of a home and community where they can thrive.

We are inspired and guided by values of proximity, partnership, restoration, connection, and integrity. Read more about our values and guiding principles here.


What we do

Our mission is to inspire and equip Australian Christians in a holistic ministry of Out-of-Home Care.


We create accessible PATHWAYS for people to engage within the Out-of-Home Care space at various levels.

We remove barriers to information and opportunities and provide a bridge between the child protection system and faith communities; illuminating pathways for individuals and groups to choose their own adventure in engaging within the Out-of-Home Care space in local communities. We don’t all have to do the same thing, but we can all do something.


Key outcomes

We are responding to two key needs in the Out-of-Home Care system in Australia:

More carers to provide a loving home for every child who needs one, for as long as they need one
Better support for carers to help ensure successful placements for the best outcomes for kids

We believe we can positively transform the Out-of-home Care space by achieving the following key outcomes:

AWARENESS of Out-of-Home Care in Australia, the need for foster carers, a biblical basis for Christian engagement, and opportunities to engage.
RECRUITMENT & better preparation of prospective foster carers within church communities.
Holistic SUPPORT for foster and kinship carers, particularly from local church communities.
LOCAL CHURCH ENGAGEMENT within the Out-of-Home Care space in their local communities.

There’s a place for everyone.

We don’t all have to do the same thing, but we can all do something.

The Homeward Project will help you find the role you can play in the Out-of-Home Care space.

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