Training resources for individuals and churches.


Training Resources

We have created key resources for prospective carers and local churches to make a positive difference in the Out-of-Home Care space.

We want to inspire and equip individuals and groups to take the next step, towards seeing more homes available for kids who need one and better support for carers who are opening their homes.

These resources will help to better prepare new Foster Carers, support Care families, and equip churches to holistically respond in partnership with local stakeholders to make a difference at an individual, family, community, and system level.

Foster Care: First Steps

Curious about Foster Care? Foster Care: First Steps will deepen your understanding of a faith-based, holistic approach to Foster Care and help you consider your readiness to pursue it.

This online course can be explored at your own pace and covers topics such as understanding Out-of-Home Care, what to expect, an introduction to trauma and attachment, and things you can do to prepare.

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Wrap-around Teams

The Wrap-around Teams resource equip a carer’s self-selected ‘team’ with understanding and practical plans to provide a range of support as carers open their home to a child or young person through Foster care, Kinship care, Permanent care or adoption. Explore the role of a small group in a carer’s journey, what to expect, and how to practically build your team and do the journey together.

The resource includes a three-part video series, Facilitator Guide, and Participant Booklet, everything you need to build a holistic support system for the care family.

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Trauma-Informed Training

The Homeward Project Trauma-informed Training will equip your Kids and Youth Ministry staff and volunteers with understanding and knowledge of how and why a child from a “hard place” or with a difficult history may behave differently in a church environment. The training also provide practical strategies to create safe spaces for all children and young people.

The training resources include a five-part video series, Facilitator Guide and Participant Booklet.

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Church Discovery Guide

The local Church can help to transform Out-of-Home Care in your community. This guide will show you how. The Homeward Project Discovery Guide will equip you to build a model of ongoing model of carer recruitment and support where every member of your church can find a way to engage.

Access information, guidance, practical ideas and resources through an online platform where you can explore the material at your own pace.

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Info Session Kit

An Info Session is for everyone to find their place in Out-of-Home Care! This resource will equip you to host an Info Session to inspire people about the mission, the needs, and the opportunities for people to get involved and make a difference. We don’t all have to do the same thing but we can all do something.

The Info Session Kit includes presentation slides, a Facilitator Guide, and Participant Booklet.

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