Children need families and families need community. The local Church can provide both.


Serving children and families involved in Out-of-Home Care.

Children need families and families need community.
The local Church can provide both.

The Homeward Project provides practical tools, connections, and ongoing support to equip your church to effectively serve children and families in your community where it’s really needed – the Out-of-Home Care space.

The Church has a unique role to play in making sure every child experiences the care and belonging of a home and community where they can thrive.

How the local Church can help.

The Out-of-Home Care space presents an urgent opportunity for the church to demonstrate the ‘pure religion’ of James 1:27 and reflect God’s heart for the most vulnerable children in our community. 

The church can provide practical, relational, and spiritual support for everyone involved in the Out-of-Home Care system and The Homeward Project will equip and support you in holistic ministry in this space.

Raise awareness

Raise awareness, disciple and mobilise your church.

We don’t all have to do the same thing, but we can all do something.

We want to help you mobilise your church, engaging in local mission as those who have experienced the love of God and are demonstrating that love to others. God wants His people representing His heart for the most vulnerable and it’s within the context of a healthy church community that people can be inspired toward, fuelled for, and sustained in mission.

The Homeward Project provides a pathway and suite of resources to engage your church and link people to their next step. 

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The Homeward Project Discovery Guide

Explore your church’s place in Out-of-Home Care

The Discovery Guide will help you think through the who, why and what of a local ministry that effectively serves vulnerable children and families. 

It provides practical guidance and tools to lay strong foundations, raise awareness, inspire action, support carers, and be a safe place for kids from hard places.

Download the Guide below to get started and we’ll be in touch to talk about how we can best support you.

The Discovery Guide is also available as an online resource here.
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