Trauma-informed training

A trauma-informed approach to working with children and young people.

The Homeward Project Trauma-informed Training will equip your Kids and Youth Ministry staff and volunteers with understanding of how and why a child from a “hard place” or with a difficult history may behave differently in a church environment. They will also be equipped with practical strategies to ensure programs are safe and inclusive for all children and young people.

The Homeward Project team will provide training, resources and support for your nominated facilitator and work with them ongoing to build a holistic ministry of Out-of-Home Care within your church.

The Trauma-informed Training will help grow understanding and build empathy about how past experiences change a child’s brain and how this should change the way we view behaviour. Then focus shifts to understanding the reasons behind the behaviour. Your team will leave with practical strategies to connect with a child and meet the underlying need, so that behaviour change can truly happen while investing into the child’s need for safe, nurturing relationships.

The Trauma-informed Training resources includes:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Booklet
  • A five-part video series
    • Part 1. The ‘Why’
    • Part 2. The Brain
    • Part 3. The power of relationship
    • Part 4. Behaviour
    • Part 5. Toolkit: Tools & techniques for connection
    • Part 6. Scenarios: Putting the pieces together

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