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  • A trauma-informed approach to working with children and young people. The Homeward Project Trauma-informed Training will equip your Kids and Youth Ministry staff and volunteers with understanding of how and why a child from a “hard place” or with a difficult history may behave differently in a church environment. They will also be equipped with …
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  • We cannot overemphasise how important it is to have an understanding of trauma if you are opening your home and life to a child through home-based care. There is a high threshold for removal of a child from their home, so to put it simply, they have experienced some hard things. It has been reported …
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  • Understanding of some of the science around the brain, trauma, and the power of relationship in altering the brain, helps shift our approach to children who have been impacted by relational trauma (or complex developmental trauma). Trauma The term trauma is being used more frequently and often in unclear ways. Trauma is not an event …
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