God’s ability to turn brokenness into good. Eva’s story

Eva shares about her journey in the care system: things she needed to unlearn, things she’s discovered about God, and how she has become a Foster Carer herself.

Eva experienced significant abuse as a child until one day she’d learned to understand that what was happening to her was not ok. She disclosed information to the chaplain at school and the same day she was placed in foster care.

Eva described her time in foster care as “turbulent”. While there were some healing moments it was predominantly not a good experience. Eva ended up in a group home, where there was increased freedom but also loneliness.

Looking back, Eva sees how God placed people in her life. She learned to trust people she met through a local church over time because of their consistency and integrity. They loved her, even in really small ways, and God used them to bring hope and healing.

There was a lot of unlearning and learning who He was. Eva came to know God as her Father; a constant source of love, protection, and identity.

Eva married one of the young men she met through church and they are now foster carers, with one child in their home through a permanent placement.  

Eva says it’s because of God’s ability to turn brokenness into good, that then brings healing into the world.

If you’re sensing a nudge that this is a space God would have you explore, Foster care is a world that needs people of God to actively step in.

“Don’t let fear stop you,” Eva says, “listen to Him, step out in faith. It might be the most exciting journey that you go on.”

If you’re curious about Foster Care, check out Foster Care: First Steps, or learn more about Foster Care here.

We’re not all called to be Foster Carers, but we can all do something to support those who are and to make a difference for children in families in our local community. What’s your something? Explore how you can get involved here.

Your church can build a ministry of Out-of-Home Care that helps recruit and support carers and mobilises people to get involved in a range of ways. Explore this here.

This video was provided by our friends at ARK Australia, a movement of communities dedicated to providing family and belonging to vulnerable kids through foster care & adoption. You can find out more about their work at www.arkaustralia.org

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