The Homeward Project: Church Discovery Guide

The local Church can help transform Out-of-Home Care in your community. The Discovery Guide will show you how.

Full of practical resources, ideas and stories, the Discovery Guide is an online resource that will equip you to build a model of ongoing model of foster carer recruitment and support where every member of your church can find a way to engage.

Sign up today to start shaping a local ministry of Out-of-Home Care. The Discovery Guide will step you through the considerations involved in building a sustainable local ministry that serves vulnerable children and families in your local community.

The Homeward Project Discovery Guide provides practical content that you can work through in your own time, including:

I. Foundations

First things first: Know your Why, Who & What?

  • Who?: Find your people
  • Why?: Reflect on where you’re at
  • What?: Identify your local agencies & activity options

II. Awareness & Action

Create & maintain the conversation: Teach, promote, connect, pray.

  • Teach: Spark & maintain the conversation
  • Promote: Raise awareness & share the stories
  • Connect: Provide clear pathways
  • Pray: Be Spirit-fuelled in your mission

III. Caring for carers

Create a culture of connection and care. Provide holistic care for those opening their homes.

  • Pastoral Care: Provide connection and spiritual support
  • Practical support: Help carers carry the load

IV. Safe churches

Be a safe space for kids from hard places.

  • Trauma-informed: Learn the art and science of connection
  • Plan: Consider out-of-home care in your programs
  • Protect: Prioritise the safety of children & young people

Other Resources


  • Foster Care Sunday

  • God’s ability to turn brokenness into good. Eva’s story

  • Foster Care: Leaving a legacy

  • Beauty from ashes. Tina’s story

  • A vision for God’s people

  • Birthday in a box.

Your Church and the Homeward Project

Help transform Out-of-home Care in your community.


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