Wrap-around Teams resource

Building a holistic support system for care families.

We want to help carers find their people, their ‘team’, for the highs and lows and everything in between on the journey of providing home-based care for children and young people.

The Wrap-around Teams resource equips a carer’s ‘team’ with understanding and practical plans to provide a range of support as carers open their home through Foster care, Kinship care, Permanent care or Guardianship, or Adoption.

The three-part video series, facilitator guide and participant booklet will equip you to gather your team for an informative and practical conversation about what doing the journey together will look like.

Part 1: The role of a small group

Why is there a need to be intentional in caring for Foster, Kinship or Adoptive families? What is the role of a ‘team’ in the journey of providing Out-of-Home Care?

Part 2: What should I expect?

What will welcoming a child into the home be like? Explore expectations to be better positioned to respond in empathy and provide genuine support

Part 3: Building your team

A practical conversation about building your team. Explore types of support, potential roles and expectations to be able to help and not unintentionally hurt.

“Whether it be parents, other family members, or people from your small group at church, have a team that gets it and says, “we’re on the journey.” – Mary, Fostering Hope

One of the main pieces of advice Mary from Fostering Hope gives to those going into Foster Care, is to get their team together from the beginning. “Whether it be parents, other family members, or people from your small group at church, have a team that gets it and says, “we’re on the journey”. At a minimum they can be praying for you and be on the end of the phone. You might be able to identify someone who is going to be a respite carer for you. You need your people, as you ride the waves of the Foster Care journey.”

Create your Wrap-around Team!

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