How your church can care for carers

There are so many ways to provide practical support for carers.

Kids in care need a lot of focused time with their carers. Sometimes seemingly simple things can go a long way to help carry the load for carers who are giving their lives to providing nurturing, healing, care for children, which is not without unknowns, risks and a significant investment of time, energy, and emotion.

Your church can be a significant source of support for carers who are living on mission, 24-7.

Here are some ideas and guidelines to consider when it comes to supporting carers as a church, including:

  • Tips for supporting carers (being creative, specific, persistent, flexible and safe)
  • Practical support ideas
  • Foster Care support guidelines

The Homeward Project Discovery Pack contains many more ideas and guidance for developing a local ministry of Out-of-Home Care in your church and community. Find out more here or get in touch at We would love to support you to make a difference in your community where it’s really needed.

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Your Church and the Homeward Project

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