Carer gatherings: Creating spaces to connect

Creating opportunities for connection among those who are, have been, or want to be a carer.

Carer Gatherings create a space for carers to regularly connect with others who have a shared experience, in order to support and equip them in their care journey. Gatherings can provide support through prayer, encouragement, and learning opportunities for individuals or families who have welcomed, or are in the process of welcoming, children into their families.

Together groups can celebrate, validate, problem-solve, and be a source of hope and encouragement during both the joyful and challenging seasons of the unique journey of caring for children and young people in Out-of-Home Care.

Many Out-of-Home Care organisations host support groups and training workshops for carers and the intention is not to replace these but rather to provide an additional option.

Carer Gatherings are a unique opportunity to gather carers from across the community, broadening their network of relationships and support.

There is a lot of flexibility in how you might approach your Carer Gatherings (we recommend asking carers about their preferences) – frequency, focus and approach can all differ – but at the core it’s all about connection.

Download the Carer Gatherings resource below to learn more and consider if this is something you can do to support carers in your church or community!

The Homeward Project Team is here to support you and can connect you with other churches in our network. Get in touch at

Friends of The Homeward Project, ARK Australia, Connected Carers (read about them here), and Fostering Hope, all facilitate different types of gatherings for carers. Click the links provided to learn more if you are interested in participating or partnering with them.

The Homeward Project provides a whole range of ideas, practical resources and ongoing support for churches to make a difference in the Out-of-Home Care space in their local community. Find out more at the link below.

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